No secret between us Bik'ers!

No secret between us Bik'ers !


How to use Bik'air? 

Anyone over 16 with a valid credit card.

In just 2 minutes, your account is created and your freedom is yours!

1. Download the Bik'air application

2. Enter your phone number, and a confirmation code will be sent to you by SMS. No password to remember, just your phone number!

3. Fill in your personal and bank details. That's it, you can now use our service!

Not yet! You'll need one account and one phone per person.

How much does it cost? 

With Bik'air, there's no commitment! You're free! Bik'air rental is billed per minute of use, for just €0.15 per minute.Unlocking fees will also apply for each lock opened, at €1 per unlocking.

We'll give you a promo code when you sign up! So don't waste a second and sign up!

Yes ! For more regular use, opt for Packs & Subscription for more economical journeys and no unlocking fees.

How quickly is the deposit refunded?

No deposit is taken! Only a bank imprint is captured for 7 days (on the same principle as the gas station). If you use the service within this 7-day period, the deposit will not be captured a second time, but simply postponed for a further 7 days.

For online banking users, the deposit sometimes appears to have been taken, but don't panic: if no incident has been detected by our teams, the deposit will be returned to you within the 7-day period, on request to our customer support team.

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